Clutch repair

Today I had to replace the clutch disk. Much like changing the gearbox; you have to remove a lot to get to the clutch. I made a foto-gallery. You'll find that here.

Gearbox repair

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One of the bearings in the gearbox got crushed so I bought a second-hand off of ebay in Germany. Here's pictures of the repair proces.


In this shop in Capelle aan de IJssel (near Rotterdam) you can rent a spot with a bike-lift and the use of all tools available and do the repair yourself. If you need technical support you can ask the owner for help and pay a reasonable fee. The guy on the right, just behind my left mirror is the shop-owner.


At the end (16:30 hr) of day one the gearbox was on the table. All bearings on this side looked ok so the shop-owner and me agreed that he would take a look later that week to see what was broke inside. Turned out: a bearing was crushed and the outer shell of that bearing sat too tight in the housing it couldn't be removed. So I bought another box off of e-bay.


In order to be able to remove the gearbox you have to remove the exhaust too. The bolts were heavily rusted but could be pretty easily removed. But the tapped holes in the cilinders had to be cleaned. That cost me at least another extra hour of work.


To the left the rusted bolts and nuts of the exhaust.


Here's the new gearbox.


And here it is in place.


As you have guessed; it took me three seperate days and about a total of 16 hours to do this repair. The second day another K1200RS stood next to me. Here you can see what I had to do still. Last Saturday I brought my K1200RS to another shop in Breda to repair the ABS-system. Turned out the front wheel ABS-sensor was broken. On my way home yesterday I found out that the clutch is now slippin'. So another extensive repair like this one is at hand. Next week is my week off. But I have to do some work at the house as well I promised the wife. So not sure if I'll manage to do it all this week. Stay tuned for more.