Hello and welcome to my website about my moped and a bit about myself. This summer my K1200RS and me will travel to the mountains of Europe and I will be posting pics of that tour here. Navigate this website by clicking on the menu button in the upper right corner of the pages or scroll down for some links. Thank you for visiting my site, leave a comment and have a lot fun.
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Gearbox repair
Late October 2017 a ball-bearing in the gearbox broke so I had to replace the gearbox. I found a used one in Germany through e-bay. For the first time in my life I took the challenge of an extensive repair like this one myself.

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Holidays in Spain & Portugal
Next summer I''l take my K to the mountains of Europe. I'm still not sure which mountains. I'll go where the weather is fine. The picture above shows my K somewhere in France on my way to the Pyrenees last summer (2017). On that trip I went to the Picos de Europa in Spain and Northern Portugal.
I'll keep you posted for my next trip in my blog-page.
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Clutch repair
The gearbox replacement took about 16 hours. So when I started this job of repairing the clutch I had some experience. This time it took less then 12 hours to fix the clutch. Job well done (even though I say that myself)

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Last summer (2017) I cleaned and spoiled her a bit and then made some high-res pics of the bike. Click here to see these pics
Seen my Photography site yet? My grandfather was a member of a resistance group called "Oranje Vrijbuiters" in The Netherlands during World WarII. I edited (graphically designed) this website about a monument that was raised in his and 17 other members' honour. 18 Members were executed at the "Waalsdorper Vlakte".