Not being a professional photographer I can only afford one camera. I've had some Nikon gear before so to go digital with Nikon seemed the way to go. The D700 that I purchased in spring of 2013 was the first camera I could afford (second hand!) that is so much, much better than analog film scanned with a Nikon slidescanner (the coolscan IV ED) which I did before. I really love this camera because of it's fantastic dynamic range. This is mainly because to todays standards there are not that much pixels on the full frame CCD but they are large. So low noise at high ISO. Love it.


I 've got some fine glass to go with the camera.
Bought a second hand Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 sp di vc usd. Superb!
And I really like the 35mm f2.8 prime, made a few pics with it already.
Recently bought an AF Nikkor 20mm - 1:2.8 prime (used)
And an AF Nikkor 24mm -1:2.8 prime. (used)
Brand new Nikon AF Nikkor 50 mm. - 1:1.8 prime,
Hot new Tamron AF 90 mm. - 1:2.8 with Makro function
and last but not least an AF Nikkor 80-200 mm. - 1:2.8 ED. The latter is a second hand but really a beautiful beast. Bit old but it's the one that does not suck in dust as you alter the zoom. I like that kind of clever design.